Double Your Email + SMS Revenue -
Without Doing Any Work.

From migration and segmentation to A/B testing and optimization, we’ll take email marketing completely off your hands, so you can focus on business — or take a well-deserved break. 


We use data to build relationships and convert customers.


By focusing on historical data and analytics, we are able to better predict customer behavior and handpick strategic opportunities for growth.

Group 14

Our talented team of designers, copywriters, and developers are total eCommerce pros, eager to help your brand show up and stand out in any inbox.

Group 15

The best is yet to come. We run tests on every single marketing email to collect data and optimize every campaign for maximum results.

Our data-driven, industry-specific Email + SMS marketing strategies are custom-tailored to your business, for your customers.

Most marketing teams don’t have the time or resources to optimize their email marketing beyond the basic best practices. That means you leave money on the table—by neglecting the advanced features of your email platform or not having the bandwidth to use, experiment, and manage them.

That’s where we step in. We’ve been there, done that a million times over with incredible results. We take a data-driven approach to understand your business first before pulling out our best email marketing strategies.

Based on the industry you operate in, we’ll create email copy, designs, and segmentation to drive revenue.

Other companies use boring templates and outdated strategies that produce mediocre results.

Coldbru Mail gets you the most out of your email marketing by using cutting edge strategies that haven’t even been written about yet.


Perform a full audit of your current email marketing, and migrate your email server to ColdBru Mail.

Launch new, data-driven email flows — starting with the moneymakers.

Complete A/B testing for all campaigns and flows.

Optimize every single email and flow based on initial results and analytics.

Consistently create and optimize email campaigns to convert leads into loyal customers.

We've helped brands generate $150,000,000 in revenue — and counting

Are you ready to...

Convert window shoppers into customers?
We consistently optimize campaigns to drive more revenue (you probably don’t have time for it, but it’s all we think about).

Reduce cart abandonment rate by up to 15%?
With 67% of all eCommerce transactions abandoned before completion, how much money are you leaving on the table?

Unlock revenue you didn’t realize existed 5x?
Grow your email list with our proprietary lead capture strategies. Personalize your website for every visitor — new and returning.

Predict what your customers want to buy next?
Use data to create targeted campaigns that serve your customer’s greatest needs.

Follow-Up campaigns to sell more products?
Do you know when your customers most engaged? Right after they buy. Follow up immediately to offer related products based on their purchase behavior/history.

Leverage VIPs or Influencers automagically?
Turn leads into customers and customers into your very own referral machines.

Win back customers that you’re about to lose?
Dynamically transfer data to and from Facebook and Instagram to create relevant messages, deliver consistent experiences, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Tier 1



  • Five sequences: Welcome, Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, Post-Purchase, and Up-sell.
  • Coldbru's proprietary email capture formula implemented on-site

Tier 2



  • Seven sequences: Welcome, Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, Post-Purchase, Up-sell, Win-back, and lead-quality.
  • Coldbru's proprietary email capture formula implemented on-site
  • A/B testing on all sequences
  • Recurring content / Relationship building emails
  • Seasonal offer emails (Holiday promotions, one-off sales, etc.
  • Automated list building

Tier 3


Contact us and we’ll build a package that’s perfect for you.

Including personalized campaigns that are specific to your business and developed exclusively for you.

We create powerful on-site engagement strategies that engage your visitors. We ditch the annoying pop-ups and focus instead on things like on-site messages for experience-enhancing touchpoints.

At Coldbru, we know it’s not just about email. It’s about creating a unique buying experience for your customers, both on-site and inside their inboxes.

We know you don’t have time to think about it, but it’s all we have on our whiteboards.

Already have a great team doing email?

Get a free audit and see if we can point you in the right direction to generate an additional 10% – 20% of revenue — free of charge! (Ok, we may ask you for a testimonial or referral, but we promise, we’ll make it painless.

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