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We've helped brands generate $150,000,000 in revenue — and counting


We are not just an agency, we're cutting edge growth marketers!

Working with Coldbru, you’re not just getting another paid media agency. You’re getting obsessive-compulsive growth marketers that live and breathe growth, beginning to end. We’ll build a holistic paid media strategy that we’ve used successfully to scale 7 and 8 figure e-commerce companies.

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↑ 397.2% Conversion Rate

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↑ 17.6x Transaction Volume

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Why ColdBru?

Other agencies spend all day tweaking bid strategies and trying new audiences. Sounds important doesn't it? Unfortunately, this approach is typical, old-school and (wait for it...) doesn't drive a lot of channel growth. In this day and age ad networks with their big data and machine learning will outperform a human 10 to 1. Instead of trying to fight "the beast" we work with it.

We ideate, produce and test your messaging & creative so that we find the mix that lands with you audience. Here's what we do:

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Define Growth

By focusing on historical data and analytics, we are able to better predict customer behavior and handpick strategic opportunities for growth.

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Ad Management

Our bespoke ad strategies help you scale from $500 a day to $10,000+ daily spends. How does that translate into revenue? We'll let you do the math.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

The best is yet to come. We run tests on every single ad & landing page to collect data and optimize every campaign for maximum results.

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We use Email & SMS sequences to up-sell and cross-sell the audience, improving ROAS and driving monthly sales up by an additional 20-40%

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Landing pages & Funnels

We develop landing pages & funnels to move the goal post even further, giving you the unfair advantage of converting up to 30% better!

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World-Class Team

Our talented team of designers, copywriters, and developers are total eCommerce pros, eager to help your brand show up and stand out.

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Ben Kochavy - Founder & CEO

Ready to 8x your ROAS and grow your bottomline?

We currently have an intake of 2 new clients per month who are onboarded after careful screening to gauge mutual fit.  

“ColdBru brings a first principles-based approach to growth that really focuses on the bottom line, it’s refreshing. They helped us refactor our thinking on how to really build a scalable and profitable business.”

Stuart Balcombe @ LearnWhy

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