Understand your Customer before someone else does!

Grow 3x Faster by leveraging valuable customer insight in minutes!

ColdBru Discovery goes Beyond the Quantitative Data

Better understand your customers

Test and validate your product before shipping it

Adjust based on what customers would pay for

Here’s what you get with ColdBru Discovery
Group 601
Capture insights at scale with playbooks for every stage of your customer’s journey.
Group 602
Extract insights from qualitative data, perform sentiment analysis and identify emerging trends.
Group 603
Deliver intuitive voice of customer reports so you can speak to your customer in the language they already use.

What you can achieve...

What is ColdBru Discovery?

A ‘tailored to fit’ service that helps companies understand their target audience better. We add a human element to Product Led Growth telling you ‘what happened’ and ‘why it happened’ by getting to know your customers as opposed to exclusively looking at the quantitative data.

How does ColdBru Discovery work?

We help you ask the right questions at the right time to gather timely insights. Insights that are based on targeted feedback from your current and potential customers to better understand them and the product they need as those needs and desires evolve.

We carefully study and analyze these responses in addition to using the latest machine learning techniques to gather valuable insights so you can focus on growth while we do the research. We then package these reports to keep your team up to speed with your ever-evolving customer base. Simply put, we help you channel your time, energy and investment in the right work vs experimenting to find it.

What you can achieve...

Times have changed. The regular customer has evolved from accepting what is offered to demanding what they need. Needs that change with the tide.

Accumulating your NPS and reaching out for reviews are relics of the past. They only result in time being consumed to stitch together pieces of quantitative data when the qualitative story tells it clear as day. Layer in machine learning and you find things you can’t find anywhere else.

A standalone NPS is a string of worthless numbers if you can’t trace it back to the root cause and pain point of the customer. We don’t just gather your data – we weave it into a story you can directly consume, work off of and monetize.

Figure out your next pricing model, avoid customer feedback snowballing into complaints, all while improving your site and product experience.

With ColdBru Discovery, your customers start to
become a known quantity.

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