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From rock-bottom to bottom line growth

Businesses often neglect or outright forget about the single most important aspect of the conversion funnel – strategic, compelling content. The result? High bounce rates, a brand presence dependent on ads, lackluster sales and a bottom line that is stagnant at best.

Shoddy content marketing is the number one cause of suboptimal SEO results – costing you visibility in search results and making it difficult for your ideal customers to discover your brand online.

That's where we come in.

With an increasing number of content marketing agencies popping up every day, choosing the right one for your business isn’t easy. But the fact is, content creation isn’t guesswork, and you need an agency that’s ready to roll up their sleeves and truly get to know your brand and audience.

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We’re digital growth experts.

Typical content marketing agencies will push out content and present you with silo-ed results and graphs that reflect everything but your profit margin. This is because they’re focused on improving traffic and engagement rates rather than landing sales and nurturing loyal customers.

At ColdBru, we do it differently. Our team of obsessive-compulsive growth marketers gets down in the weeds to understand your business, identify high-value ranking opportunities and refine your content strategy with one goal in mind – GROWTH.


Services To Help You Grow Your Business

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Content Creation

Before we write a word, we’ll dive deep into your business and create tailored user personas to target. This allows us to create customer-centric content, with a focus on gaining traction with your intended audience the moment they’re ready to convert.

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Our SEO audits go beyond industry best practices by pinpointing issues on a page-to-page level – offering visibility and value throughout your entire content experience.

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A/B Testing​

We don’t just launch content. We actively A/B test our content to drive sales – from structure and meta tags to introductions and conclusions. This ensures that the content we produce consistently resonates with your audience and converts customers.

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Our Strategy

Unlike your run-of-the-mill content marketing agency, our paid content promotion strategies are rooted in research. Every piece of content we create drives quick learnings around results, informing our every move.

We don’t rush to churn out generic content, jam-packed with keywords. Instead, we identify the unique pain points of your company’s user personas and generate content specifically for them.

Any agency can sell shiny numbers, like an influx of site visitors or email sign-ups. But at ColdBru, we know that statistics are only as strong as a brand’s bottomline. After all, a huge email list is only an asset if you know how to use it to your advantage.

Our growth experts are dedicated to delivering the numbers that matter – the ones that drive sales and ultimately propel your business forward. We’ll work with you to specifically and consistently target ready-to-buy customers, at the exact moments that they’re most likely to convert. The result? Far fewer window shoppers, more meaningful site visits, and a staggering increase in conversions.

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We can completely take over, or just map out the
shortest path to an ROI generating growth machine.


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